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Given a second chance
at life—Alex Dixon took it.

When Alex’s health took an unexpected turn, doctors told the Dixon family to prepare for the worst. Thanks to the love and support of her family and an inexhaustible zest for life, Alex faced life-altering obstacles and emerged with a message of hope, strength, and gratitude.

Alex’s Story

A Stroke of Luck

At a critical juncture during brain surgery, Alex Dixon, age 12, had a stroke . . .  Alex was a normal, bright, and healthy little girl, when the sudden onset of a mysterious illness began to take over her life. Months of physical therapy and medication failed to provide relief from acute pain and muscle spasms. Doctors across the country were at a loss for answers. A last ditch attempt at treatment—brain surgery—ended up stopping the spasms but with unexpected consequences.

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A Stroke of Luck is the remarkable true story of a close-knit family that meets challenge after challenge with resilience, hope, and love.