A Happier Poem

November 7, 2013

Hi, just as I promised here is a happier poem and it is about Alex. This poem gives voice to the time from when my sister came home permanently to today. I love my sister and she is really one of the bright spots in my life. I wrote this poem to help capture and share what my sister is really like.  I titled it Alex’s color which in it I show is gold. Kind of like her heart… I know – pretty cheesy, but hey, cheese can be gold too…


Alex’s Color

By Jessica Dixon

Her words dance in and out,

And she weaves a conversation that endows a warm light.

Constantly delivering a heartening smile,

That cracks through the gray shell of meekness.

She is at home among uncountable strangers,

And worshiped by those blessed by her presence,

Her laughter is a symphony of bells,

And is a promise to lighten the burdened,

            Where others shrink away she faces with that easy manner,

Until the despicable is beaten by her good-natured heart,

Her eyes sparkle like the silver sea,

That is just a mere glimpse of what is behind,

Her buoyant curls match her nature,

That she bounces back to others,

 She is without a need of serious thought,

And she simply is there in the glory of her ways,

My dear sister is like the sunset that radiates its orange glow,

And around her people feel that warm love and joy as well.