A Small Change is Still Change

May 24, 2015

I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I did a motivational talk in Boston, Massachusetts. Before the talk a participant came up and said that his son was similar to me because he had a stroke after a spinal surgery. The son had the stroke two months ago; he is twelve years old. So after the talk my mom and I traveled to the rehab hospital to visit the man’s son. It was so nice. I think I made a difference in their lives. I gave them hope to keep moving forward.


A few months later I went to get my hair cut at a salon. I decided to give my long curly hair to Locks of Love so another child can have my hair as their own. I did it for my cousin who had Aplastic Anemia, she was only 8 years old when she was diagnosed. She went to New York City to get a bone morrow transplant and chemotherapy for one year. She is back home now and in remission. I did it for her. Donating my hair won’t change her life but it is in honor of her and it might just help someone else.

AlexBefore2 AlexAfter2

If you can change one person, it makes a difference. My mom and I went to the hospital to see the boy because we knew it would help. We had planned to go sight seeing but once we learned about Emmett, there was only one place we wanted to visit. I gave away my long curly hair because I wanted to make a difference in a sick child’s life. To make a small change for someone I will never meet. It is an amazing feeling.