Getting “Found”

January 28, 2014

The process of publishing A Stroke of Luck has been interesting on so many levels. Even though I give talks around the country to what amounts to thousands of people per year, I am a private person. My personal time is spent with my family – privately. So what possessed me to write a book about everything private – and then publish it?

I’m not sure I can answer that one with much more than, it needed to get out there. I needed people to know our story for so many reasons – so that they would understand, so that they might take on a new perspective on life, so that they could be thankful for what they have, so that they might learn from our situation to help their own, so that they might welcome Alex into their organizations to provide motivational talks. So many reasons, but still, I am so private.

Prior to launching the book I wasn’t on Facebook, I didn’t blog, I had never even seen a tweet (as far as I knew). I didn’t want any of those things, I really wasn’t interested in being “found.” Sure I wanted my work related to teaching mathematics to be read and used, I wanted to provide professional development far and wide – but that is different – that isn’t private.

I worried that the book would be published and we would be thrown into the spotlight. What would that mean? Would a movie be made about us? Would we be on television? Would we be in the paper? Would we be on NPR? I worried about all of this.

Then I worried that it didn’t happen…

We published the book and sold about one thousand copies. We created a Facebook page for the book and about one hundred people “liked” what we posted. We were retweeted, but not often. We blogged and got a few followers. We definitely weren’t “found.”

Then I desperately wanted to be found…

My mom suggested we get listed on We did, and we were found! We sold over 1,300 books in one week! It was exhilarating. People found our website and emailed me with similar stories. People emailed with questions about what helped Alex be so successful with her rehab. People emailed with requests that Alex, Jessica, and I give talks within their organizations. It feels great to help – there are so many ways that Alex’s story and how are family handled it can help others. We even made a video to help share the news about a rehab device that is bringing us great results ( We made the video in our own home. It doesn’t seem too private, it just seems right.

Now I don’t want to stop. I just KNOW that Alex’s story can and will help others if they can find us. So the question has changed. I am no longer asking, what will happen if we are found? The new question has become, how can we continue to get found?

Please help us by sending ideas through comments here or via email. Better yet, share our story with others. This is so new to us. What should we do next? Please help us get found.