Learning to Ski is like Learning to Dance

January 2, 2015

Skiing and dancing are very similar; they are both hard and take a lot of skill to do. Some people say you have the skill or you don’t. But for me, I’m the opposite, I can’t dance to save my life but I learned that I am not that bad at skiing. I still think the athletic ability skipped a generation though. I learn over time that it doesn’t matter what people think, if you like doing it just do it such as dancing for me. My family went to Colorado for skiing and my parents found an adaptive skiing program for me. The instructors and the volunteers were great with me. I enjoyed laughing at my “mess ups”. I learned to ski and I just had fun doing it.

Wow! I learned to ski five years after having a massive stroke. I needed the support of an adaptive ski instructor and the volunteers and my skis needed to be connected at the tip to control old righty but I skied! That should make anyone dance …