My Only Companions

November 5, 2013

As I grow older and away from the events that have forever changed my family I have started to write poetry describing my feelings from the roller coaster of ups and downs that had severely rocked my family during our downward spiral and our return to a more happy atmosphere and life. This has been my way of healing, sharing, and remembering. I hope you enjoy my point of view and deep emotions in this poem titled, “My Only Companions.” I promise you guys that my other entries and poetry aren’t normally dark and especially not as dark as this one.

My Only Companions

By Jessica Dixon

They had imprisoned me within myself.

They had dove into my heart and stole my words,

Silence echoed from where I craved to speak.

I was being suffocated by none other than my own timidity,

They would gradually angle my head downward when anybody approached,

Terrified that I would recognize that I had the capability to express myself,

 And their fiery hands trailed my skin until it glowed scarlet, inflamed with heat.

I was being confined within the walls we built together,

Walls that blocked out the heavens, leaving me in shadow,

Walls that I constructed to keep out those bringing sorrow,

So I sat alone within those walls and my anguish,

With only companions, shyness and lonesomeness,

No one else was there to save me from myself.