My Paper Crane

February 24, 2018


By: Alex Dixon

February 23, 2018


My crane is from paper that made itself into a thousand with the help of my folders. My cranes are a symbol, a symbol greater than words or thoughts can describe. My cranes are a sign of luck that the folders gave to me. Luck for me to live, luck to help me begin again, and luck to give me another chance. Each crane is different, with different sizes and colors, but each is special. I spread my luck – my cranes – to others, to give others luck when they do not have any. I give out my cranes that the folders made for me so the paper can give more hope to others. More people can be changed and give change to others.

My crane is also a symbol of people in my life. My mother and father, Juli and Marc, always pushed me to keep moving and to not stop until I reach my goal. I look at them as my paper cranes, first as great parents, but second as good role models to always keep trying because one day you can achieve anything. I worked hard and got back my academics and learned how to walk again; I completed that goal. Then I finished high school and then I got into the University of Central Florida. That was my goal and I accomplished that, now I have the next set of goals to complete in my education as well as my life.

My sister, Jessica, is my paper crane. She is the sign of strength and hope. When she gives me hope, that hope does not vanish, but strengthens myself as a person. She used that strength in yoga, strengthening her body as well as her mind to make her stronger as an individual. With that she teaches me how to be strong because of her own struggles and her own strength. She is my best friend and my paper crane to keep moving forward and have some hope.

My grandparents, Joy and Harvey, are my paper cranes; they are the symbols of energy and comfort. My grandma is so great with going out of her way to make anyone’s day special and my grandpa is the best person to sit down and talk to. He always tells anyone who cares to listen his joke, the same joke he told my mother, and now myself so many times that always brightens my day: “What is purple and goes bang, bang, bang, bang…A four door grape”. Then my grandpa laughs and hoohoo’s so much that I start to laugh too. That is why they are my paper cranes.

My family is my paper cranes; we always have each other’s back. That could be someplace to stay or just to talk on the phone. But we always work together with any sickness or happiness that comes our way. That’s why my family is my paper cranes.

My teachers and my aids are my paper cranes. They give me support and education, so I can achieve greater and go further. They give me support when I don’t have any to hang on to; they have my back. I appreciate the teachers and aids that helped me get to my goal to graduate with my peers and beyond that, go to college.

My friends are my paper cranes. They are the sign of encouragement and happiness. When I felt sad or I was not myself they helped me get back up and encouraged me to laugh and helped me have fun.

My doctors, nurses, and therapists who believed in me are my paper cranes. They symbolize healing and recovery, with the will of hard work and with teaching me how to get my mind, brain, and body back. I got my life back and I am still improving and working on my mind, brain, and body today.

My boyfriend, Jonathan, is my paper crane. He represents love and motivation. Whenever something is hard, scary, or frightening. He is the one that I can talk to, he holds my hand and says, “It is going to be okay”. That is why he is my paper crane.

I am so loved, in all different and special ways. From my family; my teachers and aids; my friends; my doctors, nurses, and therapists; and my boyfriend; and there is so much more that I did not even mention that were and are supporting and encouraging me to keep trying. So I thank all of you who helped me to become what I am today.

Those are my paper cranes; they are a symbol, luck, and people. That makes me who I am today.

Thank you,

Alex Dixon