Never Give Up

October 30, 2013

photo 1

So this is the first true entry of what I hope will be a place to continue to chronicle Alex’s journey. These pictures were taken this morning at 5:30 AM. You might wonder why in the world Alex would be doing physical therapy at that time – she is a teenager after all!

photo 3

The question should really be “where” in the world… Alex is doing physical therapy with a therapist in Israel. We continue to try to get more from Alex’s right arm and hand. She lost most use of it during her stroke 3.5 years ago. Our latest venture is with the Arm Tutor and HandTutor. This program is based in Israel. We purchased the equipment (without insurance coverage of course) and we use Skype and a program where the therapist in Israel controls our computer during the sessions. It seems promising so far. I’ve posted a video from Alex’s session this morning on our Facebook page linked to this website.

photo 2

My husband, Marc, works with Alex on this therapy. Just another example of how it takes a village to help raise a child — we are very fortunate to have a big village

photo 4

Alex’s school schedule and the zone difference between us and Israel leave no other option but for Alex to have therapy at this crazy early hour. Just another example of the lengths to which Alex goes to recover.

Truly inspirational.